Emergency Preparedness

Our success depends on our ability to deliver the highest level of customer service while providing safe, compliant and quality tower sites.

Being a “Safety First” company, our primary goal is to ensure a workplace that proactively manages its environmental impacts and safety hazards. We achieve this through integrating health, safety and environmental management principles into day-to-day operational processes.

Nigeria with its diverse geography and many cultural differences, certainly poses a challenging environment, while managing routine site operations. In addition to that, emergencies – either natural or manmade - add to these challenges. While it is understood that all emergencies, particularly natural calamities, can’t be prevented, its impact on tower assets, risk to life and revenue loss, human mortality and revenue loss can be minimized with good emergency preparedness at all levels and appropriate planning.

Keeping this in mind, ATC Nigeria has established a robust emergency preparedness plan to deal with any emergency and to completely avoid or minimize its impact on normal site operations. The approach is based on following key phases of Emergency preparedness and management that are accepted and practiced worldwide.

  • Preparedness: State of being ready for action during a disaster or emergency
  • Response: Actions taken to prevent fatalities and further damage during an emergency situation
  • Mitigation: Ability to limit risk to life and economic damages by lessening the impact of emergencies
  • Recovery: Ability to return to a state of normal function with minimal suffering and disruption of services following an emergency

Sound risk management principles (hazard identification, risk analysis, and impact analysis) are used in assigning priorities and resources during emergencies. Further, ATC ensures that the learnings from the emergencies are reviewed, summarized and relayed to the field team through appropriate trainings, communications, etc.

Some of our Key Practices that are followed for emergency preparedness and situation control are:

  • Proactive external communication to stakeholders – Landowners, Customers, Partners, Community, etc.
  • Emergency services contacts details availability
  • Information collection – contact detail
  • Resource availability during emergency - human and tower needs
  • Local administration instructions following and information relay, as appropriate
  • Survival instructions and alerts during emergency
  • Central contact center/ helpline for assistance and site restoration
  • Encourage use of PPEs

Share Your Feedback

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